Founded in 2018, Daniel / Oliver is a New York based gallery with a primary focus on unique photographic archives, albums, collections, and vernacular works. Our democratic approach to the medium highlights the varied uses of photography throughout its brief but rich history, and brings into question artistic qualities that were previously overlooked by examining relationships between these utilitarian photographs and their fine art counterparts. Our inventory spans the medium’s gamut, from 19th century to Contemporary, much of which is represented online but of course, even more is not! Please contact us to arrange a viewing appointment at our Brooklyn gallery space.


The gallery also offers services such as collections management & development, advising in acquisitions or sale at auction, and the sale or consignment of individual works and entire collections.



Daniel / Oliver                                 
Brooklyn, NY 11211 Dan Moyer: 650-575-7459
1002 Metropolitan Avenue, #11                          Oliver Lott: 914-417-7869



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